Wednesday, July 2, 2008


It never ceases to amaze me how fast Audrey is growing and learning every day. The last few days, she has been grabbing at her spoon and bowl while I was giving her breakfast. I seemed to recall reading or hearing somewhere this is an indication that the child is ready to learn to spoon-feed themselves.
So, this morning after about half her bowl of cereal and applesauce, she started reaching again. So, I put the spoon in her hand and helped her with a few scoops. Then I let her have at it. She took about 3 good spoonfuls into her mouth (out of about 6 tries) which she thought was really funny. I figured she was done when she tried to dump her bowl out and took exception when I turned it upright again. By then, cereal and applesauce was all over her hands and face, so a bit of cleaning up and I sent her scooting with her sippy cup of milk.

I have decided that my Facebook account is a great source of fun. I have reconnected with several old friends and encouraged several family memebers to join up too! One of my friends turns out to be an excellent artist and that has inspired me to keep going on my book so that I can have her illustrate the cover! She seemed enthused too!

I am looking forward to the holiday weekend. Our neighborhood can be expected to shoot off the big fireworks and some family may come over with the tamer stuff for our own yard. Then, church picnic on Saturday at lunch, and East Mountains with Jenn, Jerry and Rachel for dinner. I love holidays.

Speaking of which, I'm planning a bomb-diggity Halloween Party this year.. I bet you wish you were coming! :)

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