Monday, June 30, 2008

An eye isn't THAT important... right?

I'm a bad mother... well, no, not really. Ben actually feels worse than I do right now. I think the reality of the dangers of being a toddler is something that I have been ready for for quite some time now. I'm actually quite suprised that Audrey hasn't done anything else or worse yet. She's been walking for about a month now and has only just given herself a black eye.

We were over at Grandpa T and Grandma Linda's house last night for Sunday dinner. They have a toy box chock full of fun things for her to play with and she goes straight for it every time we go over. Now, she didn't hurt herself right off the bat.. no... it took a while. At some point, she was standing up next to the box, reached down to pick something up off the ground, lost her balance and cornered her eye on the box... wow, did she scream. At first, I thought she had bumped her forhead or something, but the broken blood vessels started coming up right under her eye.. It didn't even bleed much, but it looked really awful. Ben sortof freaked out. He didn't go running around or anything but he definately reacted stronger than I did.

Poor baby... her first big injury from learning to walk. Lucky though.. she could have hit her eye square on and we would have spent the evening in the emergency room. She was already tired and cranky, but boy was she a real monster after hurting herself.. She cried all the way home, drank her whole sippy cup of milk and screamed for more, screamed when we put her to bed (for about 5 minutes) and slept until 9am this morning.

She was much cheerier this morning. It still looks bad, but her smile helps me to laugh about it a little better.

I guess I just have to anticipate that this won't be the last time she hurts herself.. I'm sure cuts, bruises, broken bones and who knows what else is still in my future... or more specifically.. her future..

I hope I have those magic kisses that my mom had. Everything in the world is just better after mom kisses a booboo.

What a little trouper!

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