Saturday, July 12, 2008

Blood... Yum.

I had my butcher-shop.. er.. dental appointment yesterday. We dropped Audrey off at the Morrisson's house. Audrey apparently waved and then didn't look back twice. Didn't have to wait long to go back and sit in the chair. I don't know why everyone at these sorts of appointments ask "Are you ready?" I want to scream, "Of course I'm not ready you maniacs, I want to run out of this place screaming and hide under a rock somewhere!" They put a nice blanket over my body and then one over my head (it was a little chilly) and then the oral surgeon came in and asked, "So, are you ready?".... sigh...
I should have warned him that my veins have a tendancy to roll in my right arm. He was poking my arm all over the place to get the IV in before he decided to put it in my hand instead. In the mean time, my eyes are leaking and the nurse wants to know if I'm okay. Woohoo. I was already exhausted because I hadn't slept that well, but Ben swears I was still awake when they put some sort of foam thing in my mouth to keep it open. I don't remember that part at all. All I remember was feeling that cold IV liquid (saliene?) going up my arm and the doctor prattling on about some dental experience of his.
I woke up shaking which freaked me out and I started crying again.. now, I don't make noise when I cry. My eyes just leak everywhere and my face turns red. Ben was already in there, but he said that I was awake when they let him back in.
At any rate, we left with 3 prescriptions and instructions not to eat anything but very soft food or liquids (hooray for the mountains of jello I made.) They wheelchaired me out to the van and then Ben wheelchaired me around Costco while we waited for my drugs to get filled. Amoxicillin, Ibuprophen and Vicadin (eat your heart out Gregory House). Hey, let me know if I start acting sarcastic and surley.. uhh.. wait.. too late. Ben took me home and then left briefly to get Audrey.
Audrey went down for a nap and Ben and I watched Lost for the next 3 hours. I changed my gauze a couple of times.. yum. I took some drugs.. oooo.. pink elephants...
Then, we went out with some friends and I had a nice strawberry milkshake and mashed potatoes.. Audrey and Ben pigged out on Chicken strips and Hamburgers. I'll never have that excuse again. I am feeling amazingly well for having just gone through crap and an emotional meltdown.
Today has been better, though the pain is still a bit obnoxious. No bruising and only a little swelling. I took the first nap I've had since just after Audrey was born. Ben's mom is taking us to Bucca de Bepo tonight for dinner.. looks like mashed potatoes for me again.
We didn't make it to the Lavender Festival... we were sleeping.. so I'll have to find a way to get that lavender wreath done for the front door.
I've eaten about 4 boxes worth of Jello, maybe more and I've had more drugs in the past 24 hours than I've had in about 6 months. I think I may have swallowed enough blood to impress most vampires and laughed at things that weren't funny... at all. I still feel a bit wobbly now and then, but thank heaven for knock-out drugs. I didn't want to be awake for the yanking.. drilling.. shudder.. the nightmare.

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