Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Gates

We have tried a variety of ways to keep the kids (i.e.: Henry) out of mischief. Hank is young enough that he still hasn't quite learned to leave things alone. Hence, turning off the light in their room every 3 seconds, peeling the glow-in-the-dark stars off the walls, pulling down the cute paper pom-poms on the ceiling, climbing on the dresser and destroying everything on it and using every method possible to climb over the baby gate.
Since we got a table and chairs set for the kids at Christmas, it didn't take long for Audrey to teach Henry how to use a chair to climb over the gate. We didn't want to have to enhance the blockade as it was very convenient to let Audrey climb over to use the restroom when she needed it. However, we couldn't have Henry running rampant all over the house, so we put up a second baby gate.

My boy is just a little too smart and quickly learned to grip the frame of the gate with his toes so he could look over both.

Here's wishing that he learns to listen some time soon so that we can let him into our room.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Last Days in the Crib

When Audrey was about two, we transitioned her to a toddler bed, which she loved and WANTED to get into every night at bedtime. We should have known that we had gotten lucky with her.
With both of the kids in a room together, space is at a premium. So we decided to get the kids a bunk bed that could be separated into regular beds when they have their own rooms.

These are the last pictures we have of little Hank in his crib. We transfered him to the bunk bed completely.. the crib was gone, so he had no choice.

It has taken several months, but he now sleeps in the bed with little fuss. Of course, he still finds it funny when he runs around the room after the lights are out, letting me chase him. Or, bothering his sister while she "tries" to sleep on the top bunk.

Their new bed(s).

Funny Face!

Love that smile!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

U of U Dinosaur Museum

Audrey likes to watch Dinosaur Train on PBS
The little dinosaurs in the center are the stars: Tiny, Shiny, Don and Buddy.
After each episode of dinosaur antics, Dr. Scott usually has some words of wisdom to impart about the dinosaurs learned about that day, thereby making sure the program remains in the educational category.

I happened to find out that Dr. Scott was coming to the U of U Dinosaur Museum through a series of fluky web searches. I also found out that he is Utah's State Paleontologist. He was coming to unveil the newest dinosaur discovery. I couldn't resist and we galavanted up to Salt Lake on the appointed day.

This is the skull of the new dinosaur species. You can't tell in the picture, but this skull is HUGE! I think I had a hard time imagining the sheer size of a dinosaur until I saw this in person.

Audrey working on a dinosaur puzzle.

I don't know why my kids always look worried. I think they were both overwhelmed with all the people there.

Dr. Scott talking about the newest dinosaur species: Utahceratops gettyi
Its somewhat like a triceratops but with a LOT more horns.

This was a "live" version of the new dinosaur. Audrey was terrified of it. She didn't want to go anywhere near it.

Henry, on the other hand, was fascinated.

I think this was just about the only time he really looked like he was having a good time while we were up there.

Audrey getting Dr. Scott's autograph.

Dr. Scott & Audrey

She wasn't super excited about meeting him at the time. However, she talked about it for WEEKS after words as well as every time Dinosaur Train came on.

She was afraid of the furry puppet, but not of the angry, plastic, nasty toothed raptor dinosaur.

I'm sure, in the kids' opinions, the best part of the day was running around the park after we left the museum.

My kids have the best dad in the world...
Just as we have the best kids in the world... of course!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Gardener Village

I completely forgot to take pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes this year... bad Mom!!
HOWEVER, we did get into the Halloween spirit when we went to Gardener Village with my dear sister in law, Tammy.
Gardener Village has a fun scavenger hunt every October. They give you a list of witches that you need to find all over the village. (I was slightly disappointed to find that they were statues and not actors/actresses. I quickly repented of my snobbery because the witches were just so silly!)

I forgot my camera... bad MOM!! But dear Tammy didn't and she sent me these lovely pictures to remember our trip by.
Love, love, love this picture of Audrey in an old buggy!

Audrey was too afraid of the little witch doll to stand by it for the picture. ;-)

Ready for my close up!!

Audrey's legs seem to go on for days in this picture. She loves spending time with her cousin, Jake!

Audrey, Henry, Caitlyn & Jacob

Great day! Made even better by the pound of fudge I brought home!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Christmas Tree

I guess I should have thought more carefully about posting pictures of my Christmas tree after showing you the one in the JS Memorial Building. Ah well... can't compete with the geniuses at Temple Square!
Aside from the new ornament from Santa every year, I have decided to have a new theme every year. Starting with this year, I complimented the white and silver color palate with white silk roses sprinkled amongst the branches. I'm still pondering next year's theme, but I will be posting pictures, you can be sure of that!
Something struck me about this pictures. The nearly silhouetted figures of my children on either side of my tree. It makes me feel nostalgic somehow. It would look nice in sepia, don't you think?

I thought so too, and here is the result!
Love my kids!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Temple Square with the cousins

 On Christmas Eve, we braved the cold, or at least what I thought was cold. As it turns out, the cold has only just begun in this state. Of course, on most of these very cold days, I am not voluntarily headed out into the weather, but warmly ensconced in my home or well-heated van.

When we got to Temple Square, the first thing we did was feed the munchkins at the fabulous Nauvoo Cafe. Neither of our kids ate much, presumably because they were both a little under the weather at the time.
After that, we had various potty breaks to take care of, as well as a trip to get warmer jackets.
In the mean time, I tested out my camera.

I like the quick change expression!

Little Misses: E and L

Aunt Dara in my personal favorite type of picture... the mostly candid...

Soooooooo not candid. But VERY Ben.

How is it that Master J can look both innocent and conniving at the same time?

Tired already... poor guy is just in for it.

The GORGEOUS tree in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Makes mine look a little shabby! Well... a LOT shabby! :)

I found this nativity to be one of the funniest. The angels looked like the trumpets were a giant protrusion out of their mouths while their hand mysteriously disappeared into their necks.

It's a bit hard to tell, but in the tall orange and red Christmas tree in the background, you can see the silhouette of the statue of Brigham Young pointing.

It was SOOOOO cold! We just couldn't keep the kids warm enough. It didn't help that Hank kept pulling his hands out of the blankets. He had popcicle fingers by the end of the night.

The cousins: Miss E, Miss L and Master J

By the end of it, all four parents were worn out, as were the kids. Potty breaks all around again and off home!
But it was worth it because it was beautiful. The perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Christmas!

If I had only one regret this last Christmas, it is that I didn't make much of anything myself! That being said, it was a great Christmas!!!

After breakfast, we set the kids loose in the living room. They already came equipped with the candy-filled candy canes from Grammy and Papa.

The first present that they saw was not wrapped. We finally got them a table and chairs set for their room. Something their size that they could sit at and read or draw or whatever! (Since that time the "whatever" has become a competition to see who can stack the furniture the highest and climb up onto it without killing themselves.)

You can have one guess as to who taught Henry how to climb on a chair and get out of the baby-gated room.

Santa did well this year. Audrey got an Aqua Doodle.

Hank got a Little People medieval set from Santa, by way of Mom and Dad, by way of Aunt Dara...

Audrey has a little pink phone that she doesn't like to share with her little brother. He got one just like hers but in white and red. He was ecstatic!

The photographer!

To encourage the musical abilities of the children: a percussion set!

Which will henceforth be known as the percussion set used for everything except music the majority of the time.

Shaker Eggs

Mom getting in on the action!

Hank with a tambourine

Another Little People set, this one a pirate ship. From Mom and Dad, by way of Aunt Dara!

We all like boxes more than the toys that came in them.

Audrey finally acquires a doll house... from Mom and Dad, by way of dear A.D.

Something that I always wanted as a kid. Unfortunately, I'd have no moving room if I could even fit in it today. The kids love their little play house, though!

Feeling like a big kid! A Wii which was only justified by the Wii Fit and Balance Board that it came with. We have sworn an oath to not get any games until I can get into the habit of exercising.

Another big kid! Ben got a Wireless Weather Station. It has several sensors and measuring devices outside which then broadcast the information to a digital readout in our room. This, likewise, can broadcast information to Ben's computer. He has put it to good use already!

All in all, a great Christmas for us!
We hope the holidays were as joyful and filled with family and friends as ours was!


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