Friday, July 4, 2008

I smell like sulfur

My little party turned into a medium sized party today.. but it was fun. Mother-in-law and her hubby came. Ben's brother Joe, his daughter Maia and (girl)friend Sasha and Maia's bodyguard (long story) David all came... and Ben's buddy Gabe.. whew.. good thing I made lots of fruit salad.. it was slow going and confused at first.. no one knew where we were going to eat.. except me but no one was listening to me when I was hooting at them to go outside for crying out loud...

Audrey did very well and didn't get really crabby until about 7:30.. I think... She conked out in about 5 minutes and I'm pretty sure she slept through all the racket going on outside.

The fireworks are still going off. You can always count on my neighbors to shoot off the illegal stuff and we did the light-weight stuff in our yard.. you know.. the stuff that you say "woohoo!" out loud.. but inside you're going... "................................ man... I wish we had some illegal stuff." But no.. I'm too proud to be one of those irresponsible losers who are threatening to burn our whole neighborhood down.. but not too proud to enjoy watching the show.

I don't anticipate getting any sleep tonight.. these drunk losers will be shooting these things at each other until at least 2am.. I fantasize about them blowing each other up and I laugh inside, but I know that I'd feel bad if it really happened... but then I'd feel superior for not giving in to the temptation to shoot them off myself. I told Ben that you could literally shoot someone tonight and no one would even notice. All these fireworks sound just like gunshots.. It's like I'm living in downtown Cincinnati... but only one night of the year.. and firemen come instead of cops.. mmmm.. firemen... whoa! what? Sorry.. got lost there.

So, the fun continues tomorrow with a church picnic and a bbq at Jenn and Jerry's house... when will I sleep?... ahhh.. I will find a way.. fear not.. I will find a way..

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