Monday, July 21, 2008

Laughing with Audrey

There really isn't anything like the smile and laugh of your own child. Audrey has gotten to the point where she is figuring out what she thinks is funny. So, there she was this morning on one side of a baby gate, her dad on the other. All I can here from the Family Room is "HA HA HA! HA HA HA! EEEEEEE! HA HA HA! HA HA HA!" I don't know at the time what she thinks is so funny, but I can't help but laugh myself because her laughter is so contageous.
It's also pretty funny when she tries to be sneaky... I had forgotten how obvious kids are and how transparent their expressions can be. It's the "I'm doing something naughty, hee hee hee!" face.. She'll never learn to be good because I keep laughing about her bad behavior.

She is such a Daddy's Girl.. she couldn't care less when I walk out of a room, but when her dad leaves, she HAS to know where he's going. If he goes somewhere she can't go, she typically screams and otherwise carries on about it in a loud way. When I leave.. it's like.. oh.. see ya.
I'm not jealous though. I'm glad she loves her daddy. It only get's a little sad when she'll cuddle with him and not me. Ah well. One day I'll have another kid that likes cuddling with me.

Finals are coming up for Ben, then we get 3 weeks off school! Woohoo!! We'll most likely be heading to California for a little bit.. I might be going to Disneyland! Hooray! I haven't been since I was 14... long time! So, I'm excited for a few days of fun and irresponsibility.. well, as irresponsible a dedicated parent and loving spouse/sister can be.

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