Monday, October 31, 2011

Jack-o-lanterns and Mummies and Ravens, oh my!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Just as fun as the trick or treating and the costumes are the crafty projects!

When I was growing up, believe it or not, I never carved a pumpkin. My mother always said it was too messy (and she was right). But there is something so... Halloween about carving up your own pumpkin.

Everyone had their own pumpkin this year. There will be closer shots at the end of the blog.

I gathered inspiration from various places for the few little decorations I have up this year.

These cute little guys were a fun and easy project idea from my dear sister, Shydandelion. You can find her adorable tutorial here. For my fabric, I used a really, really old industrial laundry bag. It gave my mummies a worse-for-wear feeling. I made a baby mummy too, but the cats keep running off with it.

I made this wreath last year. My friend had a tutorial on her old blog, but I can't find it now. :( So, instead, I found a link to a tutorial that was similar. Here.

I used a gemstone accessory and feathers to embellish.

This is one I found in an old holiday craft magazine.

When you open up the top portion of the hat, there's a little surprise inside. ;)

I named him Poe.

Ah-ha! There's the baby mummy. Hiding from the cats amongst the fall harvest.

I can't resist indian corn this time of year!

White pumpkins and interesting gourds.

We carved pumpkins last night. When we asked the kids what they wanted their pumpkins to look like, Henry said he wanted his to be "mad" and Audrey said she wanted hers to have one eye. Awesome!



Ben's Cannibal (can-able?) Pumpkin

My Scarface Pumpkin

That's it for now... Perhaps I'll blog some more pictures when I get these pumpkins lit up after dark.

Have a wonderful, spooky Halloween!


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