Saturday, July 12, 2008


Found at Monique's blog. The rules? Answer each question with only one word....and ONLY one word.
1. Where is your cell phone? Hip
2. Your significant other? NASCAR
3. Your hair? Headband
4. Your mother? Cuddling
5. Your father? Typing
6. Your favorite thing? Sisters
7. Your dream last night? Bizaar
8. Your favorite drink? Milk
9. Your dream/goal? Novelist
10. The room you’re in? Entertainment
11. Your church? LDS
12. Your fear? Unloved
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Hawaii
14. Where were you last night? Couch
15. What you’re not? Perfect
16. Muffins? Blueberry
17. One of your wish list items? Graduation
18. Where you grew up? Marriage
19. The last thing you did? Flyff
20. What are you wearing? Cotton
21. Your TV? Luring
22. Your pets? Sleeping
23. Your computer? Consuming
24. Your life? Full
25. Your mood? Hopefull
26. Missing someone? Always
27. Your car? Mini-Van
28. Something you’re not wearing? Makeup
29. Favorite store? CoachHouse
30. Your summer? Short
31. Like(love) someone? Forever
32. Your favorite color? Blue
33. Last time you laughed? Dinner
34. Last time you cried? Dentist
35. Who will repost this? Dara?

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