Friday, July 4, 2008

The Dara Creature

I was just talking with my wee lil sis and telling her that... well.. I would just HAVE to make a little creature-monster out of her and put it into one of my books... well.. okay.. here is an excerpt from our conversation..

Mouse: Maybe I'll put a Dara creature in one of my books and only you and I will know that it is you
Dara Bara: LOL
Mouse: It has to be furry.. and small.. cute and cuddly with large eyes and a rosebud mouth.. it doesn't walk or hop.. it prinkle-prances wherever it goes
Dara Bara: LOL
Dara Bara: Prinkle?
Mouse: i made it up to evoke an image.. did it work?
Dara Bara: yes!
Dara Bara: I like that word
Mouse: me too
Mouse: it doesn't howl.. it giggles.. and if it giggles too much it gets hickups
Mouse: and then it needs to pee really bad
Dara Bara: LOL
Dara Bara: LOLOL
Mouse: it's hunting ability is to mezmerize you with it's cute little face.. and then it will smother you to death with crafts.. and then it will decorate you with modge-podge and hang you in it's den
Mouse: it's a vegetarian, of course
Mouse: except when it needs pizza
Dara Bara: LOL
Dara Bara: thanks for breaking me down into that. I appreciate it. It gives a pretty good idea into who I am.
Mouse: Yeah.. I think I may add you to my dragon book.. that's the easiest one to add new creature into
Dara Bara: hehehe

Thrilling, I know.. Just another peek into this crazy brain. But, hey.. I do it for me.. not you! Not you, you teaming mass of critics!
What shall I call this Dara creature? Hmmm.....


I'll figure it out and it will be PERFECT... and funny.. must be funny... funny is my air.

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