Friday, January 23, 2015

Better than Sex and Honesty

Occasionally, honesty trumps my tact.

This happened more often when I was younger. It's entirely possible that my general lack of experience produced genuine surprise, and therefore truth, when something happened that I didn't expect. As I said, this happened more often when I was younger.

I sometimes wonder how my current experience would determine situations that I found myself in when I was younger, if they happened now.

For example:

I was invited to a baby shower when I was a teenager. I must have been about sixteen or seventeen. My first baby shower. Probably my first shower, period. (Har, har.)

We played the typical games and ate the typical treats. One of the treats was a perennial favorite, which goes by several similar names. Sex in a Pan, Chocolate Sin, Better than Sex...

I heard the ladies in the kitchen giggling over "Better than Sex" and I asked my friend what they were talking about. She explained about the dessert and told me it was called Better than Sex.

In my surprise, I recall going through several emotions in rapid succession. Shock, incredulity, disappointment and a little disgust.

Now, keep in mind that I had no experience with sex at that time of my life...

My mouth ran away with me, as it often did, and I said the first thing that came to my mind. After "WHAT?!?", that is.

"If they think that is better than sex, I feel sorry for them!"

My friend laughed and I was left with the sense that I had missed out on a joke. I think I also avoided the dessert on principle.

I got older. I got married. I was inducted into activity the dessert was purported to surpass.

And, now, I have to ask myself how I would respond if the situation happened today instead of back then.


I would say the same thing.

But, I would have some of the dessert, anyway.


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