Friday, August 6, 2010

Hurricane in Lavender

Yesterday morning I got the kids up, changed Hank's diaper and locked them in their room. They usually get up a wee bit early and I'm not ready to go up and do breakfast yet. So, I get them comfortable and let them play in their room for a while until I'm ready to get up myself. Usually they're pretty good except me for the occasional death scream from Henry that means he thinks Audrey is trying to kill him.

I should have known that something was wrong when they got completely quiet. Anyone that has kids knows that's typically not a good thing. A happy playing child sings, hums, yells, screeches and makes all kinds of racket (Audrey even pretend cries now). A naughty, mischievous child is quiet as the grave their parents want to put them in once they find what they've been up to.

Well, I opened up the door and found my dear, sweet daughter on her chair looking at a book. And my dear, sweet son is on the bean bag looking at a book. Huh?! I looked again and saw this:

At first glance, I didn't really see what looked wrong. I had to step into the room and have a closer look. In the following pictures, please note that you aren't seeing glare of any kind whatsoever. The white spots on these surfaces is something else entirely.

The second thing that hit me was that I was smelling quite a potent helping of lavender. I recall thinking to myself that the only thing that smelled like lavender was... oh... NO.... lavender baby powder.

What she did to get it on top of the recliner, I can only guess.

When we asked Audrey if she had got the baby powder off the dresser, she claimed complete innocence and that Henry had gotten it down. Nevermind that his head doesn't even reach the top of the changing table part of the dresser and the baby powder was on the upper section.

She finally admitted to pulling down the baby powder but insisted that Henry helped her to make the mess. I suppose I can't argue with that, though I know that Henry mostly just goes along with what Audrey does.

At least they were bonding, right? Right?

This is the spot Henry's head left on the floor when Ben changed his diaper.

No, you're not seeing things, it's all over his clothes and all over his head.

When we told my mother about the disaster in their room, she said sweetly, "At least they didn't do it with Vaseline." True.... but there is time enough in the world for that.
The good news: their room is going to smell great for a long, long, long time.


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