Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Boo Boos and Praise

Okay, so I didn't get back yesterday and update on Audrey's 15 month checkup... I completely forgot!
She got some more shots, which she was very offended about. Two in one leg and one in the other. Little tears welled up in those sweet little eyes. It was soooo sad. She got two little bandaids and walked out of the doctors office crying. On the way home, she proceeded to take off her bandaids and act like nothing happened.
Audrey is a very tall little girl. She's already 33 1/2 inches tall! She's off the charts for height. She was very interested in everything the nurse was doing when she was checking her vitals and measurements. When the doctor came in, she was facinated with everything he was doing too. The only thing I wonder is: When a pediatritian tells you that you're doing a great job raising your kid, are they trained to tell you that? Is that just something they do?
According to Audrey's doctor, she is doing very well and is, in fact, somewhat advanced in motor skills and language. I don't know if I can really take credit for that if it's true. I think if Audrey IS advanced, it might just be in spite of me... sigh... I just don't want to be one of those moms.. you know the ones. "MY child is in all the gifted classes and is working on her first novel. She's got half of her symphony written. Oh, yes, and she's learning to play the Orchestrola." (Do they even call them gifted classes anymore?)

Audrey has always been very inquisitive. She has to look at, touch, taste everything. I'm afraid that I'm turning her into a TV addict.. which I always swore I would never do. To give Audrey credit, when she's tired of the TV, she'll turn it off or switch to one of the fuzzy channels. Then she'll walk away. LOL!
She also eats a phenomenal amount of food. So, that might account for her height. She's just stretching out. She's actually losing weight. She's about 1 lb lighter than at her last appointment.

I guess I'm just one of those common moms that is plagued with paranoia that I'm doing something wrong and raising my child in a horrible way.

I think that I might feel much better when she stops being stubborn and actually says "Mama". I know she can say it. She says Yum and MMMM... she just won't the little bugger. Whenever we say "Mama" to her and point at me, she says "Dada!" with a huge smile on her face...
*muttering to self*

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Chris said...

A pediatrician only says that so you feel good about yourself. He/she really is thinking, give me your money and get the crap out of my office!! I got that vibe from our first ped, so we switched to a different one.

I know some people who think their kids are gifted, even when they are butt-munch retarded.

Autistic = Gifted
Retarded = Gifted
ADD = Gifted
HADD = Gifted

Normal, every day kids, are not gifted. Even if your kid is gifted, don't tell anyone that they are gifted, lest of all your own kid, because then they will do whatever the hell they want, and get away with it.


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