Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Miracles and Angels

A bit more serious today...

A week ago I had a very bad evening. Without going into too many details (which are boring and convoluted) I had an extremely tense dissagreement with a good friend. After hanging up with my friend, I proceeded to cry for the next 2 hours. Ben had called me right after everything happened and because I was not very responsive, he said he would talk to me later when I was a little more coherant. Of course, I didn't say anything, but it was very painful for me when I hung up. He texted me right after and said he'd call at midnight if I didn't call him. This must have been at about 10 o'clock at night and I was exhausted as well as emotionally distressed.
I was lying on the couch crying harder than I have in a long time and feeling completely hopeless. I was terrified that I had lost this friend forever. I was thinking that if I ever needed a miracle in my life it was right then. I was praying and praying for God to send me an angel. Someone to hold me and comfort me and tell me what to do next so that I could get my friend back. I was imagining (and hoping) for someone in white to suddenly appear and impart amazing wisdom.
It was right then that Ben called. I was suprised because it wasn't midnight yet and because my heart instantly told me that my angel was calling. I don't remember what we talked about, but I remember being amazed that I hadn't seen it before:
I had been spending so much time looking for a "sign" or a "miracle", perhaps of biblical proportions that I wasn't seeing the little miracles every day and the mortal angels in our lives. I forgot, for just a moment, that God brings people into our lives that help, teach and bless us. As for miracles... every breath I take is a miracle. Every seed that BECOMES something; a flower, a tree, a fruit is a miracle. Every moment with my daughter is a miracle. Every touch, smile and soft word from my husband is a miracle. It is so easy to forget because they happen every day.

To all the Angels and miracles in my life, thank you for being there, no matter how large, small, amazing or mundane.

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