Thursday, July 3, 2008

Crying Clouds and Toddlers

Ah, and here the sky kisses the ground and makes things grow... It's raining!! I love monsoon season in New Mexico.. unfortunately, the monsoons have been on vacation for the past 10 years or so.. we get about a week of afternoon rain and then the whole state catches on fire. I'm praying that the monsoons are starting to charge up this year and we will get a good season that will put out all the smoking mountains. The Sandia recreation areas are all closed.. you can't even go hiking! Depressing.. well, it would be more depressing if I actually went hiking... but I do feel bad for the people who do.. I think of them sitting at home, getting fat like me... and I laugh.. just a little.. in my head.

It seems that Audrey is a little addicted to the endorphins that come with hurting oneself. She conked her forehead on Ben's steamertrunk about 15 minutes ago.. She's got a nice little hole poked in her forehead. This one bled a little more than the one under her eye.. but overall, she's okay.. once she got over her cry, she went to her toy basket and started playing (I.E. throwing toys around the room). Ben immediately put the steamertrunk in our bedroom.

I have almost 30 friends on Facebook. I feel so special! Hehe! I even found some old friends that I haven't talked to since I was 18... well, I never really talked much as a teenager.. I was shy. Yes, yes.. Me.. Shy..

I put in an application for a job today.. if I get it, it will be part-time, and will work around Ben's coo-coo-crazy work and school schedule. I'd rather not work, but I suppose working for the next 2 years wouldn't be half bad.. Then Ben will be making the mucho buck-o moolah! Woohoo for rediculously paid medical personnel! Sigh.. I'm dreaming of Hawaii... but not the volcanos... volcanos freak me out..

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Anonymous said...

YOU SHY??! YOU WERE NOT! WHAT A LIAR YOU ARE! I WAS THE SHY ONE...I have a perfect memory of my 13th birthday party where you were the center of attention and that made me really mad. Shy schmy...Emily Hyde shy...that isn't how ANYONE would remember you!


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