Thursday, March 20, 2014

Preschool: Home-Grown Science

 About a week ago, Henry and I embarked on a science journey. A much longer journey than I had originally anticipated. But, it all culminated today and we were able to see the fruits of just a few moments of labor.

I used this recipe to grow a bowl of epsom salt crystals. It looked ridiculously simple and, in fact, it was. I will say, however, that three hours is a joke. The crystals have been growing in the fridge for a week! If I had a sunny window, I'm sure our efforts would have been rewarded sooner. As it is, I didn't mind a bowl of blue mystery liquid taking up the space.

The only thing that worried me was that a smooth frozen-looking layer formed on the top after a few days. I contemplated the possibility that the whole experiment was a bust, but unexpected results are part of science, right? I couldn't help but wonder what I had done wrong, though. As it turns out, I did it just right!

We pulled it out and examined the bumpy, but smooth, layer on top. Then I grabbed a spoon and gently peeled off the top layer (not unlike the top crust of a pot pie) to find the magic hiding inside!

This is the underside of the bumpy crust. 

Even more growing from the bottom of the bowl. 

Henry was completely tickled over the crystals and I let him break up part of the crust and crystals. They are as delicate as they look. I was expecting them to be cold since they'd been in the fridge and they look like ice, but they were surprisingly neutral in temperature.

We'll pull them back out when Audrey gets home from school and let her examine them, too!

Yay, Science! Yay, preschool!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

February Photography

I started a personal photo challenge at the beginning of the year. It's the "10 Can't-Miss Photos to Take Each Month" project. I found it via Pinterest and printed it out here. I had greater success this month than I had last month. Though, I will admit that there were still some pictures that I didn't take. Apparently, "Can't-Miss" is entirely relative.

Kids in Pajamas:

While I do have some gadgets, I'm a good old-fashioned computer girl. Oh, the places I can go... on my computer! From Diablo 3, Zoo Tycoon, The Sims, Facebook, Blogger and all the way into the stories that come straight out of my brain and onto my word document. I LOVE my computer! :)

My Loved Ones
If you want to see more pictures from our recent trip to this stunning location, see here and here.

A Romantic Night Out
Ben took me to Sundance to eat at the Foundry Grill. We got there early, so got the fireplace table!

 Valentines I got this year. It's awesome to have kids (and a husband) who make Valentines on their own.

I didn't have a Superbowl party... No Mardi Gras... I forgot to take pictures of the kids making valentines...

BUT! Audrey came home with valentine candy, so I was saved there. :D 

 As for High School sporting events... as I don't have appropriately aged children, we don't attend those types of things but maybe once a year.

I'm looking forward to March's pictures. There are quite a few options, though I'll honestly say.. March Madness isn't happening. No. Thank. You.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Goblin Valley - More Goblins and the Stars Finally Come Out

Our second day at Goblin Valley brought some clear-ish skies and the SUN! We took a leisurely breakfast and then headed back out to the goblins.

On our way, we spotted pronghorns grazing in the sun.

Most of them took off running as soon as they were aware of us.

One hung out until he/she realized everyone else was gone.

I'm usually the photographer.. Finally, proof I was actually there!

Sound carried very well in the valley. We only had to speak slightly louder than normal to be heard from quite far off.

I can smell you!

Fairy Chimneys.

Ben climbed up to this weird hill to get a better vantage point. It was actually pale green from copper but the sun washed it out in the picture.

This gives you an idea of how large the upright rock structure really is.

A better idea of how big the valley is. The sloping green hill is the one Ben was standing on.

Henry pointing at "his" mountains. 

The Henry Mountains.

These characters made me smile. I had to get a close-up shot of them.

More pronghorn.

Night was pretty much pitch black and eerily quiet. I couldn't stand being outside alone for more than a few minutes because it gave me the creeps. I kept having wild imaginations of creatures staring at me. We never saw or heard coyotes but we had heard they do frequent the area.
The skies were clear by the time the stars really started coming out. They were absolutely breathtaking. It took us ages to figure out how to get our camera to take pictures of them, but for some reason, Blogger is making them look really fuzzy. I'm putting up a couple, anyway, because it just seemed sad not to.

Big Dipper (way better on my computer)

Orion (WAAAAY better on my computer)

All in all, we had a spectacular trip. We will definitely be going back! We think Spring or Fall would be the best seasons to go. Goblin Valley gets into triple digits during the summer. No, thank you!

But you have to snap up the yurt reservations fast! They book almost as soon as they open up.


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