Friday, July 25, 2008


So... I've been encouraging Audrey to learn how to feed herself.... Not just picking up food and putting it in her mouth, but using a spoon (no pointy ends). Here are the results of my efforts.. sigh.... It seems that the longer she works at it.. the worse she gets.

Got it in!

This seems easier!

What spoon?

Ohhhhh.. THAT spoon!

Umm.. What spoon?

If you want it THAT bad.. here.. you can have it!

So... I suppose it's just about letting her try it out and figure on her own how it's supposed to work. I told Ben that I'd take her out of her high chair when she learns not to throw food all over the floor.. He said.. "So, when she's 15?" There is something to that. In the mean time, bibs are a necessity.

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Chris said...

I would laugh, but I've been through it.. twice.


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