Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Batten Down the Hatches, Baking, Skis and Squash

Ben and I have been fairly impressed with the weather people/meteorologists since we moved to Utah. They actually report on the weather! What a concept!

In New Mexico we were often aggravated into making fun of the horrid excuses for weather reports and the people responsible for them. We had our favorite personalities that did their best, but their co-workers and, unfortunately, superiors were often lacking. As a result, the two main weather people we would watch ended up being called "Tepature Girl" and "The Weather Salesman". Yes, I know it's spelled temperature. That's how SHE said it. The Weather Salesman was relatively new to the station when we moved and his predictions must have drawn some flak because he ended up selling his weather reports. Hence the name. He even came close to saying "I told you so" once when his prediction ended up being surprisingly accurate.

As I was saying, the Utah weather people have been fairly impressive to us. To actually get a substantial weather report has been refreshing, even to me. That's saying something.

The reason why I mention all this is because for the past week we've been eagerly anticipating the season's first snow storm. It is supposed to hit the area within a few hours. The wind and rain has been visiting off and on since 2am or so. We may not get snow where we are, but the cold is on it's way.

I am unusually excited for the change in weather for two reasons. The cold weather, for me, signals the real end of summer and fall taking hold. I love autumn as it brings out a festive mood in me that carries me through the rest of the year. The second reason I am enthused is because cold weather means that I can bake with impunity. (Normally, baking is discouraged during the warm months because Mom's bedroom becomes a dry sauna.) To give you the idea about the upstairs room getting so hot, even during the coldest months, Mom opens her windows wide while baking is going on in the kitchen.

Visions of homemade bread, apple pie, cookies, cakes, crisps, and other such goodies are dancing in my head. I picked up a couple of cheaters packages of cookie dough the last time I went to the store.

In other news, Audrey is steadily growing out of her clothes. Her feet are huge. Ben says that she's walking on skis. Henry is also growing well and fast. He has added some solid foods to his diet. This has provided some amusement for anyone watching his face while he tries new flavors. Squash was my personal favorite in the funny face promotion.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Some funny things that Audrey said this week:

After Ben brought his bowl of Grape Nuts to the breakfast table:
"Daddy, what's that? ...... Pinecones?"

While watching me nurse Henry:
"Mama? Henry eating yours... um... Henry sucking... er... Henry is eating.. sucking....... poop."

Audrey ate the whipped topping and peaches on her Peach Shortcake, but upon getting down to the peach-soaked angel food cake:
"It's isgusting..."

In between shows on PBS, they listed the town translators against a nice landscape scene:
"That's weird..."

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm a sucker for my kids...

Okay, so I'm a sucker when it comes to my kids. I try, try, try to be restrained and not overspend... this does not always work. Yeah, we went to Kiddie Kandids today. It was a fairly fun (if a little stressful) experience. Our normally selectively smiley Henry was downright dour today and it took the whole session for him to crack a small, but sweet, smile.
Audrey was all about herself (of course) and wanted to dance on the stage-like photo area.
Of course we spent waaaay too much on the prints. Of course I'll not divulge how much. Too much.
However, the pictures are pretty cute and I have attached them here for your viewing pleasure.

This picture was taken about 5.2 seconds before Henry started getting teary and his bottom lip tried to precede him into next week.

This was actually the last photo of the session. It took that long to get him to crack this tiny smile which is nowhere near what he will do for me when I really get him going.

Audrey - Our Little Diva

I ADORE this picture of Audrey. So much of her personality comes out in this very candid shot. (She was very concerned about the pop of the flash bulbs.)

They both got tired of this pose very quickly.

I imagine that Henry will always be a bit bemused when Audrey is coaxed into giving him a little kiss.


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