Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Decorations

While we didn't quite go all out this year, we did have a really good time decorating for Christmas.

The Christmas Advent House has twenty-four little doors that will open to reveal whatever I hide inside. This year, it's Hershey Kisses. For the second half of the advent, there are also miniature Nativity figures. Each day, a new one will be pulled out. So far, only the lonely shepherd has made his appearance. Not for long; he'll have company soon.
We also have the small tree that I have bequeathed to the kids. I thought it would be nice if they had a tree that was easy for them to decorate and had a little more color than the big one.
Next to the tree is the Santa Mailbox which I made last year. The kids put their letters to Santa in several days ago and, by the next morning, the letters were gone and off to the North Pole! Santa is a little slow in writing back this year, but I imagine that is because there have been so many good boys and girls to make presents for!

You may remember that my tree last year had a white rose theme. This year, I printed off some vintage Christmas pictures and affixed them to tags. The fantastic thing about these tags is that, though I will never use them for my tree again, they will be gift tags for next year's presents!

Just a few of the tags.

Ben's sweet little mouse ornament that hung on his tree as a child.

Happy Christmas, everyone!

Happy Blogging!


Anonymous said...

Awww! LOVE IT!

I really like those tags. Did you cut those out, or did you manage to put tags through the printer?

Katscratchme said...

I printed them out on regular paper, cut them all out and adhered them to the tags. Not too difficult. The hardest part was finding that many pictures that weren't crummy looking when they printed out. ;)


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