Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fall Fun - Zoo Carousel

Another end of summer excursion we had was up to the Hogle Zoo in SLC. Always a good time, and a good workout. In all our years in Albuquerque, we had gotten spoiled on going to a zoo that is situated on flat land.
The zoo in Salt Lake is in a hilly area, so there are some spots that are actually quite a challenge to scale.

We finished out the day at the carousel. The kids got to pick an animal to ride on, so they ended up in quite different areas of the ride. Audrey picked a lion. I believe Henry chose the praying mantis (no picture proof, he was too far away).

Audrey was ecstatic. I couldn't help but be happy standing next to her, spinning around the carousel sickeningly, because her enthusiasm was so contagious.

She kept calling the lion, "Lion King".. it seems every lion is the Lion King since she saw the movie.

What better moment is there than this?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah...That brings back memories of me, pregnant, trying to climb up those hills. *shudder* We only seem to go to the zoo when I am pregnant.


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