Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Cheer!

The kids slept in on Christmas morning, which ended up being perfect for us. So, instead of having them take a bath before going upstairs and fixing them up pretty for opening presents and pictures, we let them stay in their new pajamas.
Hank was still trying to wake up.

This picture of Audrey was the third we took because she kept giving us fake smiles. I told her to think about how she would feel seeing the tree with all the gifts under it and this is what she gave me. ;)

Mom and Dad were in PJs too.

The great thing about kids this age is that they give the perfect response of oohs and aahs upon seeing the Christmas surprises. 

This was a classic moment. Audrey put her little fingers in the Chinese finger trap and couldn't figure out how to get them out. I eventually helped her.

Stocking goodies.

Most of Hank's pictures these days look like this. When we tell him to show us what he got, he will put it right up to his face.

Audrey's better at displaying her gifts, but funnily enough, she still manages to hide her face.

Hank is multitasking: Opening presents and Pilates.

Though it may look like they are fighting over the gift, they are actually trying to open it together. I guess it seemed a reasonable way to try to open the gift to them.

Trying out the new reading system. (She has been using it almost non-stop!)

Gifts from Grandpa T & Grandma Linda: Hooded blankets. 

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