Monday, December 12, 2011

Fall Fun - Cornbelly's

A budding family tradition is the annual trip to the corn maze. The last few years, we have gone to the smaller one at the Vineyard Garden Center. This year, however, we went straight up to the Thanksgiving Point cornmaze: Cornbelly's. It is much bigger, with many more attractions (read: loads of ways to spend money). We did the "short" portion of the maze.

In years past, we have put Henry in a stroller. This was mainly because he was too small to walk through easily on his own. It was also because we didn't want to lose him in the madness that we call fun.

This year, we were remembering years past: The stroller's wheels having difficulty navigating the deep ruts in the maze paths, oft times getting stuck. One year, if I remember correctly, the ground was still damp from precipitation of some sort and getting the stroller through was trouble indeed.

So, we decided that Henry would be able to walk for the first time this year.

Nanny and Grandfather came into town, increasing our enthusiasm for the fall treat.

Over an hour later (it felt like three once I realized we had strayed off the path and wandered into the "long" maze), we emerged from the maze with two weary kids and four exhausted adults. I'm not saying it wasn't fun. I'm saying that when it was over, I was overdone.

Henry has the right idea, here.

Afterwords, we took a long drive through the canyon to look at the fall colors. The hope was that our tired and cranky children would fall asleep.

As it turned out, the road was too curvy, causing a little car sickness and, with the frequent stops, the kids didn't even take the smallest of naps.

We did have an adventure in the chilly afternoon at a public bathroom that had been locked up for the season. Both kids needed to use it, but both kids were not especially well equipped to relieve themselves as easily as Henry. Poor Audrey was a trooper, but I didn't envy her necessity.

It was quite a day, and a lot of fun!


I will keep telling myself that.



Anonymous said...

Eeeee...your story stressed me out. I don't like corn mazes, and that is why we go to Vineyard, because you can finish it in 10 minutes if you get bored.

Trillium said...

If they could make them clean and paved, they'd get more customers! LOL


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