Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fall Fun - Heber Valley Railroad

While we still had a few more days left in the summer, before Ben had to go back to school, we took a trek up and around the mountains a bit and went to ride the Heber Valley Railroad. We knew the kids would both love it and, honestly, Ben and I loved it too!

The countryside was still green and gorgeous. Several weeks would pass before the trees started to change. So, we got a great recharge to the portion of our souls that crave Summer in The Country.

This was the first train ride for the kids, except for the tiny ones you find at zoos and places like that.

If you're going to ride a train, you simply must know all about it. (Even if looking at the pictures is the only option you have since your reading skills aren't quite up to brochure level.)

It was very stuffy in the train car until we opened up the windows next to our seats.

Amazingly, after only three months, Henry looks significantly younger in these pictures than he does now.

This charming little cabin/homestead was right on our path.

Makes me want to live out in the middle of nowhere in a little farming community with only a scenic train passing by...

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