Thursday, December 29, 2011

Temple Square Adventures

We made our annual trek to Temple Square about a week before Christmas. As long as we are in Utah or have family to visit over the holiday season, we want to hit Temple Square to see the lights and boost our Christmas Spirit!

This year, we went up with Ben's mother and her husband. It was nice to share the experience with people that had never been.

The tree in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. (I managed to post this picture AFTER those of my own tree this year... definitely a better choice!)

Just a few of the decorations on the tree... It looked somewhat familiar. My Christmas tree last year had flowers tucked in the boughs.

The tree was stunning!

Ben, with his BY beard. You can see the inspiration of that beard in the far right and center of the picture. (Behind the tree of lights.)

I loved these stone faces that we ran into while we explored the area around Temple Square.

When the sun finally got close to setting, we made our way back to the Square and snapped a few pictures.

We did make one real shopping trip: To Edinburgh Castle where Ben admired the kilts and other Scottish accessories. The kilts for little boys were completely adorable, but there was nothing in Hank's size. ;)

Trying on a tam.

Grandfather trying on a fantastic Top Hat. Doesn't he look straight out of Dickens?

Little Miss A had to show off her modeling skills and her new Union Jack flag. (A girl after her mother's heart.)

Hank wanted to show off his St. Andrew's Cross (Scottish flag).

There's his face...

Happy Christmas from the Thompsons!


Trillium said...

great photos -- thanks for sharing

Rebecca said...

I love the lights at temple square.


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