Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fall Fun - Window Shopping

While Nanny and Grandfather were still visiting, we went for dinner at one of the restaurants at The Riverwoods. Afterword, we wandered the sidewalks to check out the shops.

It turned out that all the shops are closed after dinnertime on Sunday afternoons.

So window shopping became a very literal affair for us. It was still a lot of fun. We had the place entirely to ourselves and it was quiet enough to hold a normal conversation. Grandfather got a prediction from Zoltar, as did Nanny.

The kids ran around under the pavilion and had quite a good time attracting the attention of the adults.

While we were passing up one of the pathways, we came across a store (I can't remember its name now) that had this beautiful entryway display.

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I am just a hairs-breadth away from total obsession with dragons. Fantasy of any kind will win my attention, but dragons will take precedence. So, as you can imagine, this display caught my fancy and I was sorely disappointed to not be able to go in and see it up close.

I had to satisfy myself with a quick photo, which turned out well!

A surreal afternoon in the shopping ghost town, topped off with a beautifully whimsical display!

What have you fallen in love with lately?

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