Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Craft with the Kids

I wanted to have some decorations that the kids could claim as their own. Audrey did one ornament last year as part of her preschool co-op group. I thought it would be good if we could have at least one item for each of them every year.

I found these very cute black velvet ornaments at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago. I thought they might be perfect for little hands that don't color inside the lines very well. They are now hanging on hooks between banister rails in the front room. The pictures are ordered as they are hung.

Audrey surprised me with her creativity on this one. She had a green marker but chose to use the yellow one, giving the tree a golden appearance!

Henry did very well at first, and it shows in the right side ribbon and the flower in the middle. He managed to get a really cool look before he got bored. ;)

This one is mine. Simple.

This is Audrey's second one. She really took her time and spent nearly the entire time working on this one.

Henry was already done by the time he made it to this ornament. He managed to give the snowflake a little bit of color. As it turns out, I like it. The slight prism is reminiscent of a real snowflake. ;)

Ben wasn't there when the kids and I did our ornaments, but I saved one for him.

The kids had a really good time and now we have something we can hang for years to come that helps capture this year's Christmas.

Happy Christmas, everyone!

And Happy Blogging! 

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Anonymous said...

Those are cute! Reminds me that I have all sorts of crafts I'm supposed to be doing with the kids... :\


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