Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Christmas Tree

I guess I should have thought more carefully about posting pictures of my Christmas tree after showing you the one in the JS Memorial Building. Ah well... can't compete with the geniuses at Temple Square!
Aside from the new ornament from Santa every year, I have decided to have a new theme every year. Starting with this year, I complimented the white and silver color palate with white silk roses sprinkled amongst the branches. I'm still pondering next year's theme, but I will be posting pictures, you can be sure of that!
Something struck me about this pictures. The nearly silhouetted figures of my children on either side of my tree. It makes me feel nostalgic somehow. It would look nice in sepia, don't you think?

I thought so too, and here is the result!
Love my kids!


Anonymous said...

I really liked the sepia one! Looks nice. :)

I don't do themed trees really..I just buy ornaments I like, and put them up. Of course, we have a bird thing going, I suppose...maybe I will do more of specific themes when the kids are older and I'm not afraid of them destroying the tree.

Rebecca said...

i love sepia pictures too. I think you should make a large print of it and have it framed.

Trillium said...

Sepia... do they have that color in paint? I think I will paint my interior in sepia... should make me feel nostalgic all day long, right? :)


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