Friday, December 23, 2011

Wooden Doll Pendants, or Part Two of The Dastardly Craft

You may remember this blog post. Of course, I only posted it last Thursday, so....

I hinted at a craft I was working on. I also hinted that I was so frustrated with the craft that I'd become rather silly about it. I found pictures of doll pendants online a few months ago and fell completely in love with them. I choked a bit when I saw that they cost nearly $30 a piece! I figured I could make them myself!

Well, here is the final result of all that, including some pictures along the way.

Stage 1 of the painting project. I had already put down a base coat which you can see on the two dolls that appear to be wearing tan dresses. You can also see, in all it's glory, the doll that I started to paint orange until I realized that it looked truly horrific and needed a change.

Stage 2 of the project. All the dresses were finished and I had yet to paint their little faces. The faces proved to be especially difficult and I had to run out to the store to get a stylus set. The hair was tricky too and I don't appear to have taken pictures of them before the next stage.

Stages 3 (faces/hair) and 4 (clear coat) were undocumented due to my extreme frustration and angst over these little pendants. We shall not speak of it again.

Stage 5 was all Ben. He made pilot holes in the tops of their heads, with a pushpin of all things. Then he screwed in the little eye screws.

What a wonderful husband!

And, finally, a trip to Joann for necklaces! I felt immediate satisfaction upon stringing these little babies and hanging them up!

Perfect little gifts for Christmas this year for some special little ladies in my life!
A ton of detailed, painstaking work but well worth it!

And much better than nearly $30 to just buy one....

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