Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Snow Day!

So, winter finally decided to come in March. We've not had much more than a dusting all season up until now. Than, BLAM! we get several inches overnight on the second day of March.
We haven't taken our kids out to play in the snow at all, so despite my complaining, we all went out. Because I, conveniently, do not have a snowsuit, I participated as a photographer at this event. ;)

I like Audrey's "Kenny" hood. You can barely see her face.

Henry is still so small and light that he easily went the fastest and farthest of anyone going down the hill. (Often with his feet up in the air.)

The sled is almost as big as he is. <3

Dad and Henry together.

Dad took a turn and then quickly took a tumble.

I wish I had been fast enough to catch him bailing off the sled!

Audrey also took a fall, her sled making it further than she did.

It was Henry's wipeout that amused me the most....

He was so light, his bum just scooted straight off the sled.


Dad set him straight in the end.

Audrey started the snow angels. She probably made about eight of them. She'd flop straight back in the snow, move her arms and legs around, get up, walk a few paces over and flop back down again. It's a shame I don't have video on my camera. It was very amusing.

Dad got in the game.

And finally Henry.

Most of the snow angels ended up with footprints all over them. But a few came out okay.

This is one of Audrey's

My wandering boy made me think of Family Circus.

Where everyone else's footprints in the snow followed a reasonably straight line, his often went astray. His path is the topmost one in this picture.

Poor Audrey got the short stick with her gloves. While we gave Henry the actual snow gloves. Audrey ended up with two layers of those one-size-fits-all magic stretch gloves. As it turns out they collect a LOT of snow. Here, Audrey is trying to wipe her face for some reason and ends up with a face full of snow.

Poor girl! 

We made up for it back at home with a nice mug of Hot Chocolate.
(Henry asked for "cold milk" instead.)

Happy Blogging!

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Anonymous said...

Bleh...that made me really glad it's spring! :D


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