Saturday, March 10, 2012

Preschool Fashion

Generally speaking, I let my kids dress themselves. The only time we insist they change into something else is if weather requires something warmer/cooler/etc.
As such, the color, print and style combinations can be rather entertaining.
For example:

Note the plaid skirt that can barely be seen under the long shirt. The socks are Hello Kitty, from Christmas and the slippers, interestingly enough, match the shirt....ish.

On a side note, Audrey had recently received her first major haircut. She'd had trims in the past, but never a full-blown massacre of inches. Before the cut, her hair was almost to her waist. I think I cried a little in my heart. She does look really grown up in this picture, though. (If you ignore the clothes, that is.)

Happy Blogging!

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