Saturday, March 17, 2012

Inspired Gifts

Henry is just like so many other boys. He loves trains. No.. No... he LOVES trains. A few Christmas' ago, I crafted nearly every Christmas gift. Among the things I made for the kids, I did a road/neighborhood play mat. Around the edge of the road map, there was a drawn-on train track. We got them some train engines and matchbox cars that year to go with it.

Of course, nothing can compare to having train tracks with bridges, tunnels, hills and little buildings. We knew if we started buying those little sets, we could quickly head into hundreds of dollars in the attempt to acquire a decent collection.

A sweet, sweet person, who shall remain anonymous recently gifted our family with their WHOLE collection. I was told that their kids had stopped playing with them and were now too old. I was completely blown away!

Of course, my husband, when he found out, was just as excited as my kids. He likes putting the tracks together in various ways and having the kids go to town.

Just a couple of the configurations he came up with. (And he didn't even use all the tracks we have.)

The kids have been absolutely thrilled with it and I (almost) don't mind the inevitable mess. Thank you again to my dear, sweet friend who bequeathed us with this amazing gift!

Happy Blogging!

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