Friday, May 27, 2011

Child's Overalls Refashioned into Backpacks

It makes me slightly sad when my kids grow out of their clothes. On one hand, they are so darn cute in some of those outfits! On the other, it just means I have to get them more clothes.

I've been hanging onto a pair of Henry's overalls for quite some time, thinking I was going to turn it into a fab purse. I eventually reconsidered because I like being able to put a purse on my shoulder and the overalls were so small, I'd only be able to hang it on my arm.

In the meantime, Henry grew out of a second pair of overalls. (Actually, he just kept unsnapping the leg closures, effectively turning his pants into a dress.)

So, after some thought, I decided to figure out how to make a backpack out of them. We are going on several road trips this summer and thought that it would be nice for each child to have a bag to carry their own toys, games or stuffed animals in.

There are several examples online of overalls made into backpacks. They didn't quite fit my vision. I wanted a backpack that still looked like a pair of overalls, not just made OUT of a pair of overalls, if that makes sense. (Without the legs of course.)

After cutting off the legs, I used one leg panel to fashion the bottom of the backpack. The second leg panel was sewn into the inside to make a flap that is closed with heavy-duty velcro, making a pouch in the main body. The bib portion of the overalls was left as is, so that a stuffed animal or rolled blanket could sit on the pouch flap and hang out the top.

I acquired some cheap backpacks from DI, cut off the straps and sewed those on. This was much easier and more time effective than making my own straps.

Henry's backpack.

Here, Henry was saying, "Buh-bye! Going to school. See you tomorrow!"

The denim of Audrey's backpack is thin and stretchy, so it was harder to keep it's shape once it was filled.

I may have to put something inside to stiffen the back so that it sits better.

For now, I'm just pleased that they have their own bags to put their own items in.

The best part: They were SO easy!


Anonymous said...

Super cute! I must have been channeling your backpack idea because I had a dream I was wearing some...

I hope the kids enjoy them!

Rebecca said...

very cute and cleaver

Lacey said...

I love these!

Grant, Sarah, Edwin, and Leland said...

This is great!


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