Friday, May 6, 2011

The Birthday Boy

Henry's 2nd birthday was earlier this week. He is so different from his sister and SUCH a BOY! 

We went out for breakfast just like we did for Audrey's birthday. We went to the store for a last-minute birthday gift. After that, we went to a nearby park, fed the ducks and played for a while. Ben asked for this night off work as well. It was nice to have him home the whole day.

Ben and I were remiss in our duties as parents and forgot the camera for the candle ceremony! Henry had a banana cream pie and blew out both candles in one try! :)

This is his "ham" face.

From Grammy and Papa

It was a cute sports outfit. Henry was more intrigued with the ribbon. He kept saying balloon. He probably wondered if he'd been gypped somehow and didn't get the balloon that's SUPPOSED to be attached to all ribbons!

Once he realized that there were shorts, he wanted to put them on. One thing this kid is good at is taking off and putting on pants.

Just like Audrey, Henry picked out his pillow pet. He, however, was forced to wait a week and a half to enjoy his.

A duck, of course!

It took me quite a long time to get this gift out of the box. It was SCREWED in, of all things!

The Dad.

Grammy entertained the birthday boy with his very own hat made out of wrapping paper. Please note Mom trying to unscrew yet another superfluous piece of plastic off the bottom of the truck.


Audrey was a really great big sister for his birthday. He certainly was a king for his special day!


Rasman Toes said...

I CANNOT wait to see you and Ben and meet the kiddos in a few weeks! Hurray!

Rebecca said...

i didn't realize that Audrey and Henry had their birthdays so close together. It must be a family tradition... We have some many that share the same dates or born within weeks of each other. It is totally crazy.

Im glad Henry had a nice birthday.


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