Saturday, May 21, 2011

Furry Eyefull

I love going to DI. It's a new habit of mine. Probably a bad one too. I always save the kids books for last and look through as many of them as I can. I've found some really great books there and not spent the fabulous amounts of money as if I had bought them new. Granted, they are sometimes a little worn around the edges and need some tender loving care, but I also know that when my kids get their hands on them, no one would know the difference anyway.

I have also found that I can occasionally find the treasure of a Serendipity book. If you never read a Serendipity book as a little girl, either A) You were not a little girl, or B) You were a sadly deprived little girl. The stories are cute (though sometimes agenda-charged) but the illustrations fall into the category of diabetic-coma-inducing sugary cuteness.

The first one I found was Bangalee, which I had never heard of. The story was about keeping your house clean so that the garbage-eating monster doesn't come and eat your house.

I just went again the other day and found three *SCREAM!* Serendipity books. I had to pass one over because the previous owner decided to add to the illustrations in green pen. The other two were soft-cover, but I got them anyway. I'll just have to make sure that those books are no-touch books for my kids until they learn respect for books (grumble, grumble).

One is called Maui-Maui and is about a whale who teaches a lesson to a bunch of little critters called Amomonies who over-fished their ocean until there were no fish left. (After they learned their lesson, the author just HAD to add in a little note about how the Amomonies had been bad, but who they had to really watch out for was MAN..... see previous reference to agenda-charging.)

The other one is called Kartusch and is about some cute little critters called Furry Eyefulls. They learned a lesson from a blind snake about enjoying the world around them with more than just their eyes. (They wanted to look at everything so much that they refused to sleep and got super cranky and mean.)
While casually glancing over Kartusch, I noticed that the little Furry Eyefulls were vaguely familiar to me. It took me a few moments to realize (and I did with a chortle) that I LIVED with a Furry Eyefull all growing up. Of course, she was a blonde Furry Eyefull.

Am I right??

Sorry, Dara.... :)

I love you!

Really, I just thought it was a super cute book with even super-er-er... cute pictures. I couldn't resist sharing with you all!

I shall continue my hunt for Serendipity books. I'm still looking for Leo the Lop, Morgan Mine, Flutterby and *be still my heart!* DRAGOLIN!


Anonymous said...

HEY! I wasn't furry...

Hee hee!

I love the Serendipity books, and have quite a few of them (though the kids have "loved" them a little too much...), and I LOVE the illustrations, and that's the main reason I keep them.

P.S. I have Dragolin! I bet you can find it super cheap on Amazon or Barnes and Noble online. :D

Rebecca said...

the really funny thing is that there are mini furry eye-fulls now! Their names are Eva and Lilly! :)

Trillium said...

When I bought the Serendipity set years ago, I was charmed by the pictures. But when I started to read them, I thought them rather cloying. I'm glad you & Dara liked them.


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