Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Preschool Week Five

Preschool was super simple this time around.

First, we made Audrey a crown. She decorated it with some crayons and I put it together. She knew precisely how to wear it properly, but she chose another method.
This looks a bit like a barbarian helmet or something of the like.

I just couldn't get her to keep a normal expression on her face!

This was her idea too. She took the newspaper hat from Hat Day and put the crown on top of it. What a fashion statement!

The next day, we made a balero toy out of a water bottle top. It looked something like this:
I don't have a picture of the one we made because it met an untimely demise and "disappeared." However, she really liked it and spent many frustrated minutes trying to get the ball into the cup.

On another day, we talked about shadows and what makes them. I had Audrey stand still in the sun and we traced her shadow as it fell. Then we talked about how it looked different than the way her body really was and why. All the way home, she watched her shadow and talked about it. She was able to explain that shadows don't have features like eyes, nose or mouth, but it has arms and legs just like we do. It also doesn't have colors like blond hair or blue pants.

That Friday was April Fool's Day. I had planned several fun and non-mean jokes to play on the family but everything fell through in the end in favor of sleeping in. I did, however, teach Audrey a joke to tell to her dad.
With a little prompting, it went something like this: 
"Dad, why was Six afraid of Seven?"
"Because Seven Eight Nine."

It was funnier to try to get her to say the joke right than the joke actually was.
Well, I'm sure I'll be on top of the pranks next year.... ;)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! I'm intrigued with how you explained shadows. You'll have to tell me how you did it. :D

I'm glad I don't live in the same house as you...I don't think I'd like your April Fool's Day jokes...


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