Monday, May 16, 2011

Preschool Week Four

I hit my stride again regarding preschool when I did this week. I tried to keep it relatively simple, however, as I had worn myself out trying to do things that Audrey had no patience for.

I made cupcakes on the first day and hid a Teddy Graham cracker under the frosting. My original idea was to bake the cupcakes with the bears inside them, but decided at the last moment that the adults in the household probably wouldn't appreciate finding a chocolate cracker in a random mouthful. We talked about hibernation and where the animals go in the winter. Audrey got a kick out of trying to find the "hibernating bear" in her cupcake.

The next day, we talked about bats. I had a diagram that labeled the anatomy of the animal and we talked about how they are different from birds and also other mammals. I wanted her to color the page, but she flatly refused. What a strange girl! She wants to color until I ask her to!

I bought a heavy duty magnet at Hobby Lobby and talked to Audrey about magnets and (sort of) told her how they work. We walked all around the house to find things the magnet would stick to. Some things stuck so fast she couldn't pull it off herself. I had her guess what objects would attract the magnet. She was right most of the time. :)

The following day, we talked about names and I told her what her name means and why we chose it. I pulled out her blessing dress box and showed her the blessing written inside and the meaning of her name. She was named after her great-grandmother on her dad's side. Her middle name was a last moment choice just before she was born. She must have been trying to tell me something on her way out. :)

We capped off the week with a trip to the aquarium. Audrey and Henry both had a great time! I forgot to bring Audrey's animal scavenger hunt page, so I guess we'll have to go again soon. :)

If you look carefully, you can see the bullfrog. The frogs were in an open area and the sound of their croaking was surprisingly loud.

The jellyfish are so graceful and beautiful. It's easy to take a nice picture.

This lobster was ENORMOUS. The picture doesn't do it ANY justice.

Of course, we just HAD to take some Nemo pictures.

The penguins were amazingly fast swimmers. That blur with bubbles streaking behind is, in fact, a penguin.

The next few pictures are of the electric eel. I had never seen one in action before. It was fascinating. I could have stood there for an hour, watching him zap the plants floating on the top of the tank. 

It was interesting to see the eel stretch it's tail-end up to discharge the electricity. On the sensor plate, it said that when the lights got up to red, the eel was hunting. 

Alligators: The icebergs of the animal kingdom.
 There's quite a bit more under the surface...

I just can't help myself. I always have to take a picture of the piranhas.

Has anyone EVER seen one of these huge snakes move? And survived it, I mean...


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! I love the "hybernating" teddy grahams! Did you come up with that yourself???

I'm glad you guys enjoy the aquarium...I wasn't thrilled with it, especially when I saw how they housed the just seemed like a sad little habitat for such a smart creature.

Rebecca said...

our favorite exhibit at the zoo is the penquin habitat!


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