Saturday, May 7, 2011

Where has Spring been?

I seem to be under some sort of delusion that when Spring comes it's actually supposed to spring... You know, spring showers, pale green slowly unfolding from dark branches under a warm sun and gentle breeze. I don't know where this concept came from. I have certainly never lived in a place that has what I would consider a normal spring.

I don't remember Indiana, but I know I've seen pictures of the 10 foot snowman that was built in the front yard. You can't have THAT much snow and still have the classically described Spring.

Southern California didn't really have Spring since it didn't really have Winter. It was simply summer all year round with slight changes in foliage and temperature. I seem to remember it hailing once when I was at school and, since my teacher had us all leave the classroom to look at it, I assumed the apocalypse had come.

New Mexico doesn't have a proper Spring either. Ben and I always say that, in Albuquerque at least, you have Summer, Fall, Winter and Wind. It's true. Just as it is starting to get warm, the wind kicks up and doesn't let up until it's dry and hot. I find the idea of Spring refreshing and replenishing. There is nothing refreshing or replenishing about wind that either tries to blow you away or, failing that, blows dirt in your eyes, ears and up your nose.

Utah is a different animal altogether. Just when it starts to warm up and you break out your shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops, Winter yells "Psych!" and dumps eight inches of snow on you. Even the trees get fooled. They happily start pushing out leaves and blossoms only to have them frozen off overnight.

On the third day of April, Winter had a late April Fool's joke on us. I was not amused.

Here is my "not amused" face.

Here is my answer to Ben's request for a smile.

This is what happens to people when they are stuck indoors for five months.

And here is the joke in all it's glory.

I think I'll move to Hawaii. That sounds good.


Trillium said...

You have to admit that the belated April Fool's joke was pretty to look at. And, fortunately, it mostly all melted that same day.

Anonymous said...

I could do with some good ol' fashioned New Mexico dirt up my nose...oh how I miss it! :D

Rebecca said...

the snow is beautiful! I miss looking at snow. We don't get snow on the Oxnard Coast.

I waited to start planting in the yard until the weather stopped being weird. It would be beautiful and warm and then it would freeze.

We planted vegetables two weeks ago in the front planters. Victor and John have been working in the back getting the family garden area ready for planting this Saturday.

I miss the normal springs that we had in Indiana. I don't miss the snow or the hot humid summers.


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