Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Birthday Girl

We celebrated Audrey's 4th birthday almost two weeks ago! It seems that the older my daughter gets, the more surreal the idea of having children gets. 

Ben took the evening off work so that he could spend as much time with his little girl as possible!

We started the day out going out to breakfast. It was a nice change of pace for the kids who normally get cereal or toast for breakfast. We also went to Toys R Us to spend Audrey's free $3 certificate. Of course, she got a princess crown!

I went all out and made my first two layer cake. Audrey thought it was the coolest! ;)
Pink, pink, purple, pink and more pink.

She blew out all the candles on the first try!

The Cake Cutter.

Cousin Lily

Aunt Dara

Audrey already knew what was in the wrapping. She picked it out herself when her mother got an attack of indecisiveness.

I should have guessed she'd want a horse. She always asks if the horses are out when we pass by a local horse barn.

Cousin Eva was right by her side throughout the present opening.

Mama reads the card from Grandpa T.

At this point, Henry decided he'd had enough and wanted out of his chair. What a sincere look of supplication!

Aunt Dara was BEYOND ready to have that baby out! (She had the baby just a few days later.)

The puzzles from Nanny! The look says it all. :)

Audrey had a great day and was pooped by the time it was over.

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Rebecca said...

cute pics. Tell Audrey I said hi and happy birthday!


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