Monday, May 9, 2011

Preschool Week Three

As you can tell, I've been slacking off with the preschool posting. And the truth is, I had a couple of weeks where I did some preschool slacking altogether. Before I did that slacking, I was still in full positive mode and letting Audrey's massive sense of independence roll off my back. If she didn't want to do her little coloring pages, I wasn't going to make her.

For week three, we started things off with Hat Day. I made a hat just the right size for little A's head. I used newspaper and molded it right on her head. It's not much to look at, but Audrey loves it! She wore it while watching Kai-lan's Hat Parade.

The brim was a little wonky, but I think it's rather charming.

This angle gives it a sombrero feel.

Here's Kai-lan with her lily pad hat. Makes me wish I could make a hat out of a lily pad!

Hat Parade!

Cake hats! I WANT A CAKE HAT!!

Kai-lan and her YeYe

On Tuesday that week, we talked about musical instruments. While Audrey watched a few educational cartoons that talked about music and instruments, I put together a rainstick. I made it out of a wrapping paper tube, some short nails... correction: a LOT of short nails and dry beans. I wrapped it all with colored duct tape and put on a layer of packing tape just for safety.

Henry working it out!

It took a few tries to teach the little man how to make the rainstick "rain."

He got it eventually.

Little Miss A had it down pat!

On Wednesday we looked at lots of different dinosaurs, had dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets for lunch and watched Dinosaur Train. Audrey loves dinosaurs almost as much as princesses and fairies. Audrey pretty much loves everything she loves with all her heart... unless she doesn't like it at all. ;)

The next day was St. Patrick's Day. The leprechauns were up to their usual tricks this morning and turned the milk in her cereal green. She was a little disturbed. 
My plans for an all green lunch were foiled by Audrey's squeamishness. The leprechauns let her off the hook. I'm sure they figured it was better to let it go than have a little girl put off her food!
We had a baked potato bar for dinner, green jello, green grapes and Irish Soda Bread (that I made by hand). Audrey was still wigged about everything being green and wouldn't eat the jello.
I topped off the day with a pistachio pudding pie and whipped topping. YUM!

We talked about the jungle on Friday. Audrey loves looking at pictures of animals and she got to look at many animals she had never seen before. After we were done with that, I simply stapled two TP tubes together and called them binoculars for her to look through. I'm so glad she's young. The simple things still work! She watched Go Diego, Go! and I shut my ears for the duration!

We took a little field trip on Saturday and went to Kangaroo Zoo. It's a big play area that is filled with inflatables. Castles, dragons, sea creatures, slides. It was very loud with all the air pumps going at the same time and it took the kids to get over the noise and the sheer busyness of the place. After a while, though, they both got into it and even Henry was climbing the three story ladders to go down the huge slides.

Ben has more pictures on his camera. They're all bad quality because we forgot to bring the camera with us. Though, with how fast the kids were moving, they probably would have been blurry even if we HAD brought the good camera. Everyone went home tired and slightly deaf. Good times!

That afternoon, I had Audrey listen to Didgeridoo music. I think it's one of the neatest noises on the planet. I'd love to see someone play one in person some day.


erin said...

Hey, don't bash the TP tube binoculars! Summer made a pair in preschool (with a long piece of yarn attached to hang em around her neck) and all 3 of the girls just loved them (and Daisy is 7, mind you)!

Rebecca said...

when David and Debbie were living here in Oxnard we had summer school for all the kids. We did all sorts of fun things.

When I started working again, Debbie took over the teaching part. It think it was funny for everyone.

There were 8 students: Evan, Aislyn, Allisa, Nico, Raquel, Matthew, Christina and Nolan.

We covered every subject each week including Art and Music.

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