Thursday, January 13, 2011


As I have been a negligent blogger at best, I fully intend on updating you all on the goings-on of the past few months. Never mind that some of it could be considered old news!! They all have pictures, and that's what counts! 

For Mother's Day last year, I received a sewing machine. I quickly got to work and made this and this. I was just starting to get the hang of the machine when I took on a project that was doomed from the start.
I am beginning to be quite a purse-horse and love having a selection of purses depending on my mood. I found this during my searches online for cute and easy-to-make purses. I decided to use thicker fabric and found some faux leather that appealed to me.
Silly me. When I started to sew the handles, which were quadruple thick, something happened to the needle, the string broke and got tangled up on the inside of the machine. I made myself crazy trying to ever so carefully take the machine apart to get to that string. As it turns out, you need some sort of special tool to get the housing case off and I couldn't get to the string. My dear husband finally figured out how to get it out and I proceeded to try to use the machine again.
Whether by the initial trouble or by my efforts to "fix" the dumb thing, the needle wouldn't pass through the hole in the presser foot and kept running into it. After another several hours of fiddling with it, I tearfully told my husband that I broke my present.

So, we took it back to Costco, who refunded the cost with very little questioning, saving me some serious embarrassment. We had to wait a few months to replace it when Costco was carrying sewing machines again. I have done a few little projects since I got the new one, but the one I was waiting for was the purse that killed my original machine.
I took the time to finish it up, and though it is rough around the edges and not even close to perfect, here it is! I have used it once when I didn't need everything my regular purse can carry.

Isn't it cute?
What makes it better than any other purse I have? I MADE it!!


Mistylynn said...

Jenn is gonna die!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!You need to bedazzle it with some rhinestones...or a giant silk flower...

One of Seven said...

Wow I like it!


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