Tuesday, January 18, 2011

U of U Dinosaur Museum

Audrey likes to watch Dinosaur Train on PBS
The little dinosaurs in the center are the stars: Tiny, Shiny, Don and Buddy.
After each episode of dinosaur antics, Dr. Scott usually has some words of wisdom to impart about the dinosaurs learned about that day, thereby making sure the program remains in the educational category.

I happened to find out that Dr. Scott was coming to the U of U Dinosaur Museum through a series of fluky web searches. I also found out that he is Utah's State Paleontologist. He was coming to unveil the newest dinosaur discovery. I couldn't resist and we galavanted up to Salt Lake on the appointed day.

This is the skull of the new dinosaur species. You can't tell in the picture, but this skull is HUGE! I think I had a hard time imagining the sheer size of a dinosaur until I saw this in person.

Audrey working on a dinosaur puzzle.

I don't know why my kids always look worried. I think they were both overwhelmed with all the people there.

Dr. Scott talking about the newest dinosaur species: Utahceratops gettyi
Its somewhat like a triceratops but with a LOT more horns.

This was a "live" version of the new dinosaur. Audrey was terrified of it. She didn't want to go anywhere near it.

Henry, on the other hand, was fascinated.

I think this was just about the only time he really looked like he was having a good time while we were up there.

Audrey getting Dr. Scott's autograph.

Dr. Scott & Audrey

She wasn't super excited about meeting him at the time. However, she talked about it for WEEKS after words as well as every time Dinosaur Train came on.

She was afraid of the furry puppet, but not of the angry, plastic, nasty toothed raptor dinosaur.

I'm sure, in the kids' opinions, the best part of the day was running around the park after we left the museum.

My kids have the best dad in the world...
Just as we have the best kids in the world... of course!


Trillium said...



Darling children, of course! :D

Anonymous said...

Ooo, fun! Too bad my kids don't have a dinosaur "thing." We've tried to make them love dinosaurs, but no amount of trips to Thanksgiving Point seem to have "taken," if you know what I mean.

Rebecca said...

how pretty exciting


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