Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Gates

We have tried a variety of ways to keep the kids (i.e.: Henry) out of mischief. Hank is young enough that he still hasn't quite learned to leave things alone. Hence, turning off the light in their room every 3 seconds, peeling the glow-in-the-dark stars off the walls, pulling down the cute paper pom-poms on the ceiling, climbing on the dresser and destroying everything on it and using every method possible to climb over the baby gate.
Since we got a table and chairs set for the kids at Christmas, it didn't take long for Audrey to teach Henry how to use a chair to climb over the gate. We didn't want to have to enhance the blockade as it was very convenient to let Audrey climb over to use the restroom when she needed it. However, we couldn't have Henry running rampant all over the house, so we put up a second baby gate.

My boy is just a little too smart and quickly learned to grip the frame of the gate with his toes so he could look over both.

Here's wishing that he learns to listen some time soon so that we can let him into our room.


Anonymous said...

Give him another year...but maybe you should just baby gate your room, and let him run around. :)

Trillium said...

I see by the "Y" on the wall that he's a Cougars fan! lol

Rebecca said...

It must be genetic. All of my children have used their toes to do their climbing too!


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