Saturday, January 15, 2011

Temple Square with the cousins

 On Christmas Eve, we braved the cold, or at least what I thought was cold. As it turns out, the cold has only just begun in this state. Of course, on most of these very cold days, I am not voluntarily headed out into the weather, but warmly ensconced in my home or well-heated van.

When we got to Temple Square, the first thing we did was feed the munchkins at the fabulous Nauvoo Cafe. Neither of our kids ate much, presumably because they were both a little under the weather at the time.
After that, we had various potty breaks to take care of, as well as a trip to get warmer jackets.
In the mean time, I tested out my camera.

I like the quick change expression!

Little Misses: E and L

Aunt Dara in my personal favorite type of picture... the mostly candid...

Soooooooo not candid. But VERY Ben.

How is it that Master J can look both innocent and conniving at the same time?

Tired already... poor guy is just in for it.

The GORGEOUS tree in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Makes mine look a little shabby! Well... a LOT shabby! :)

I found this nativity to be one of the funniest. The angels looked like the trumpets were a giant protrusion out of their mouths while their hand mysteriously disappeared into their necks.

It's a bit hard to tell, but in the tall orange and red Christmas tree in the background, you can see the silhouette of the statue of Brigham Young pointing.

It was SOOOOO cold! We just couldn't keep the kids warm enough. It didn't help that Hank kept pulling his hands out of the blankets. He had popcicle fingers by the end of the night.

The cousins: Miss E, Miss L and Master J

By the end of it, all four parents were worn out, as were the kids. Potty breaks all around again and off home!
But it was worth it because it was beautiful. The perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit!


shydandelion said...

You forgot to mention the RIDICULOUSLY LONG line for the bathroom...eeya. You'd think the JSMB would have acres of bathrooms.

P.S. You really could have posted a picture of me where my neck wasn't trying to swallow my face..

Katscratchme said...

I was looking for a picture where your eyes weren't trying to swallow your face... :)

Rebecca said...

there is a lot of body parts being swallowed :)

the pictures were gorgeous. I am jealous that I didn't see them in person.

However, I am not jealous of your cold weather. It was over 80 today in Oxnard. I planted my roses and flowers with the help of Alex and Allisa. Victor cut back the grape vines.

Trillium said...

Been there. Done that. Great memories. Unfortunately my memory of the cold is yet too vivid (even after several years), to do it again unless there is a heat wave (40-50 degrees would be perfect)!


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