Saturday, May 22, 2010

Whimsy Attack!

I had an attack of The Whimsy recently. To make my children's room fun and visually appealing, I made tissue paper poms to hang from the ceiling.
Though I certainly can't compete with Martha, these were easy and fun to make. They don't have to be perfect and they're so cheerful!

I hung them with ribbon and, due to tall 3-year-olds, I had to put them quite out of reach. 

I played with density and shape a little and got some interesting textures and sizes out of it.

In an effort to make a different shape, I came up with a fluffy butterfly effect, so out came my puffs, pipe-cleaners and googly eyes and I made this critter:

Childhood should be magical. Imagination is blooming in my daughter and, all too soon, these little frillies will be too silly or childish for her. My hope is that, when she's much older, perhaps with her own children, she will remember the fun and silly things her Mom did and find joy in bringing The Whimsy to her family!


Anonymous said...

Cute! I like the blue stalagtite...or stalagmite...whatever it's called!

Pat Catherall said...

Absolutely love it! Whimsy is so important in life - and it does make it magical. She WILL remember - fondly! I am planning a Marie Antoinette theme in one of my guest rooms - and I can picture a few of these in that room.

Rebecca said...

I bet Audrey loves them! How fun! Just wait until she is older and then you will be doing things a little more sophisticated... :) That's what I am doing now - a simple French theme in the girl's room


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