Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Christmas!

If I had only one regret this last Christmas, it is that I didn't make much of anything myself! That being said, it was a great Christmas!!!

After breakfast, we set the kids loose in the living room. They already came equipped with the candy-filled candy canes from Grammy and Papa.

The first present that they saw was not wrapped. We finally got them a table and chairs set for their room. Something their size that they could sit at and read or draw or whatever! (Since that time the "whatever" has become a competition to see who can stack the furniture the highest and climb up onto it without killing themselves.)

You can have one guess as to who taught Henry how to climb on a chair and get out of the baby-gated room.

Santa did well this year. Audrey got an Aqua Doodle.

Hank got a Little People medieval set from Santa, by way of Mom and Dad, by way of Aunt Dara...

Audrey has a little pink phone that she doesn't like to share with her little brother. He got one just like hers but in white and red. He was ecstatic!

The photographer!

To encourage the musical abilities of the children: a percussion set!

Which will henceforth be known as the percussion set used for everything except music the majority of the time.

Shaker Eggs

Mom getting in on the action!

Hank with a tambourine

Another Little People set, this one a pirate ship. From Mom and Dad, by way of Aunt Dara!

We all like boxes more than the toys that came in them.

Audrey finally acquires a doll house... from Mom and Dad, by way of dear A.D.

Something that I always wanted as a kid. Unfortunately, I'd have no moving room if I could even fit in it today. The kids love their little play house, though!

Feeling like a big kid! A Wii which was only justified by the Wii Fit and Balance Board that it came with. We have sworn an oath to not get any games until I can get into the habit of exercising.

Another big kid! Ben got a Wireless Weather Station. It has several sensors and measuring devices outside which then broadcast the information to a digital readout in our room. This, likewise, can broadcast information to Ben's computer. He has put it to good use already!

All in all, a great Christmas for us!
We hope the holidays were as joyful and filled with family and friends as ours was!


Anonymous said...

Awww..looks like fun!

I can't tell you how glad I am that that doll house, pirate ship, and dragon cave are at YOUR house and not MINE. Eeya...This may become a habit every year if I discover I have obnoxious toys.

Rebecca said...

nice Christmas! We sure miss having little kids at Christmas time...

Trillium said...

Christmas is definitely for little kids! :)


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