Monday, January 17, 2011

Gardener Village

I completely forgot to take pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes this year... bad Mom!!
HOWEVER, we did get into the Halloween spirit when we went to Gardener Village with my dear sister in law, Tammy.
Gardener Village has a fun scavenger hunt every October. They give you a list of witches that you need to find all over the village. (I was slightly disappointed to find that they were statues and not actors/actresses. I quickly repented of my snobbery because the witches were just so silly!)

I forgot my camera... bad MOM!! But dear Tammy didn't and she sent me these lovely pictures to remember our trip by.
Love, love, love this picture of Audrey in an old buggy!

Audrey was too afraid of the little witch doll to stand by it for the picture. ;-)

Ready for my close up!!

Audrey's legs seem to go on for days in this picture. She loves spending time with her cousin, Jake!

Audrey, Henry, Caitlyn & Jacob

Great day! Made even better by the pound of fudge I brought home!


Trillium said...

=:o GREEN GRASS!! Sure do miss it!

Cute pictures!

shydandelion said...


Looks like fun! Maybe we'll have to go this year! :D

Rebecca said...

I guess mom misses the green grass... you are going to have very tall children


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