Sunday, April 8, 2012


This year marks the first when my kids have been able to have their first at home Easter egg hunt OUTSIDE. In the past, they have been too small, the weather too cold or wet, or Mother Nature was perverse enough to send two feet of snow on Easter Morning. We've had to do our hunts inside or the Easter Bunny simply left a basket for them on the table. Good thing my kids never really cared how they got their Easter surprise.

This year, I shook my fist at Mother Nature and informed her that if she insisted on poor weather again this year, I would simply have to massacre the daffodils that were springing up in the yard. I think she heard me because this morning was completely gorgeous.

Audrey with her bunny ears and Henry showing me what a completely horrible job I did on combing his hair.

The Easter Bunny wasn't tricky this year. He must have known that we don't need plastic eggs getting chopped up under the lawn mower or weed hacker.

Audrey filled up her basket very quickly and, instead of piling them precariously in her basket, gave the others she found to her brother! Ben commented that the kids seemed to be satisfied with how many eggs were in their baskets before they had found all of them. Two good signs! 

Henry's little bum kept poking out of his pants. That's what comes of having no hips! ;)

So much fun!

We went inside and opened up all the eggs. The Easter Bunny didn't bring tons of candy this year. Mostly little trinkets and toys were what filled the eggs. I'm all for that!

After lunch: I think we shall make some TP roll bird feeders!! I love Spring!

How about you? Did you have a spectacular Easter?


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