Tuesday, April 10, 2012

12 of 30: Typical Day

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12. Describe a typical day in your current life.

I had a hard time with this one because my time-wasting is awfully embarrassing.
I console myself with the idea that once Ben graduates, my time and routine will change drastically and, therefore, be less embarrassing.

6:20 - First alarm goes off indicating that it is time to get dressed and go to the gym. Lately, more often than not, it is the moment when I turn it off and go back to sleep. In the case of this morning, I don't even remember it going off and thought for sure that it had been turned off. Ben assured me that it did, indeed, go off. (Grumble)

7:00 - Second alarm goes off. If I had gotten dressed and gone to the gym, I would have turned it off. As such, the second alarm is to get me going so that I can get a few things done before the kids need breakfast. Pathetically, I usually turn this one off too and spend the next hour or two dozing or talking with Ben while we lay in bed. Ben is usually awake and playing Angry Birds on his phone. (If I had gone to the gym, I'd be home around 8 and take a shower.)

8:50 - A notification goes off on my phone that it is time for my morning scripture reading. Unfortunately, it isn't until now that we've been getting our kids up for breakfast. Oops.

9:00 - Breakfast for all. This usually takes about a half hour. It would be shorter but for Henry's tendency to dawdle. He has to get up at least 3 times in order to feel that he's had a productive meal.

9:30 - If my family is going to go out, this would be the typical time. Errands, shopping or even a fun family outing are usually on the menu. The family outings can be as simple as the park (like today) to let the kids play or perhaps a museum or the zoo. Our outings are quite a bit more fancy free now that we don't have to haul around a diaper bag and other infant paraphernalia. If we don't go out, this is usually play time in their room while Ben and I do our computer routines. (This is where Ben would interject about my CastleVille obsession.)

12:00 - Lunchtime. If we went on an outing, lunch is usually spent out as well.

12:45 - By this time, we are usually pooped and let the kids play in their room while we take care of computer business (CastleVille). Ben will usually notify me of interesting news items, job openings, map peculiarities and/or weather. Then, he will usually settle down and spend the rest of the afternoon on homework. I usually spend the afternoon reading/writing blogs, playing The Sims 2, messing about on Pinterest, doing laundry, thinking about filing the huge pile of papers on my printer, organizing and/or doing crafts - all while CastleVille is running in the background.

2:00 - Snack Time. We usually throw fruit snacks or something similar into their room. About 30 seconds later, they toss the empty packages over the gate.

3:15 or so - Head upstairs to fix dinner.

4:00 - We have dinner early because Ben has to be at work at 5. This is typically the time when we socialize the most with my parents as they've been busy with their own lives as well. Henry and/or Audrey will usually say something funny at the table. If I look at my mother during these moments, she is usually laughing about it, quietly. If I look at my father, he seems to be oblivious.

4:35 - Ben hugs and kisses the kids and me goodbye. The kids will watch him get into his car and wave at him as he drives down the street.

4:40 - The kids go downstairs and clean up their room. This can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour depending on how tired/cranky they are. The rule is that if they get it done fast, they get to watch more of The Goodnight Show. After they clean up, they get their PJs on, go to the bathroom and brush their teeth (if I'm feeling ambitious).

Sometime after 4:50 or possibly as late as 5:30 - The kids come into my room and climb onto the bed to watch The Goodnight Show. They are allowed to watch until 6:40. During this time, I try to ignore the inane cartoons and sickly sweet show hosts as they teach my children about sharing, being kind, not being afraid of aliens or anyone else who may be different and going to bed when it is bedtime.

6:40 - I pick out a few picture books and read those to the kids. After that, I will read one chapter to Audrey from our current chapter book. Right now, we are working on Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. She pays attention pretty well and even understands some of what is going on.

7:00 - One more potty break and a drink of water. Then we call Ben at work to say goodnight.

7:05 - Bedtime prayers, then hugs and kisses and tuck into bed. Just as I turn off the light and start to close the door is when Audrey usually has three or four questions for me or claims she has to go to the bathroom again. This is when she gets a stern response from me and promises not to come to the door when she's supposed to be in bed.

7:10 - I sit at my computer and tensely play CastleVille while I wait to be sure that the kids really are going to sleep.

7:25 - I go upstairs to get snacks and water for the evening.

7:30 - I have a date with my DVR/Netflix. If I am feeling especially alert or positive, this is when I write. I have been lacking in ambition lately, however.

8:15 - If Audrey isn't alseep, this is when she calls for me about some sort of minor worry that she has. Last night it was that Henry was coughing a lot and needed medicine. I explained to her that he already got some and just because she didn't see me give it to him, doesn't mean she needs to play Mother Hen. Most other nights she claims that her brain is broken and she can't think of anything nice while she goes to sleep.

Sometime between 8:30 and 9:30ish - Ben calls to let me know that he is on his way home from work. When he gets home, he might want to go somewhere so that the two of us can have some time alone. Lately, we've been watching Downton Abbey. We catch up on Conan and settle down for the night.

After Conan and before Bedtime (which is usually around 11:30) - We've been trying to spend some quality time together in the evening. Video games, card games, cuddle time, couple quizzes, etc. I have a bag near my computer with paper strips folded up inside that we can pick from if we need ideas for things to do at home together. 

Bedtime - If we aren't completely wiped out, we read scriptures together and say a prayer. Then we fall on our faces and spend most of the night fighting over blankets, pillows and elbow room.

No wonder I wake up tired. ;)

If you're still with me, which I doubt, that is the gist of our typical day. Weekends and the days Ben goes up to school are a completely different ball of wax. 

I am looking forward to the complete change-up when Ben graduates. He'll take on more hours at work, but he will spend a lot more quality time with us. I'm all for that!

Next Time: Describe 5 weaknesses you have.

Until next time, happy blogging!

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Anonymous said...

I gotta tell ya...it won't change that much. You'll just have more room to do it in. :D


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