Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer Trip: Las Vegas

I have been a blog-slacker. This summer has been so crammed full of stuff to do that by the time I made it home every day, I was completely deflated and could hardly lift my hands to the keyboard... but I had more than enough energy to fool around on my Wii... go figure.

Anyway... I'm going way, way back to the end of May when we took our first summer trip to Las Vegas. I have to say that LV hasn't changed too much. Except for their claim to be family friendly seems to have gone out the window. Trying to explain why a girl is dancing around in her underwear is not easy under any circumstances. But I digress.

The main purpose of the trip was to go to Ben's cousin Kelley's wedding. We also managed to see Ben's dad briefly for dinner on one of the nights, which was awesome. We hadn't seen any of Ben's family for over a year.

We stopped off in St. George to visit some of the family grave sites. At my mother's request, we put flowers in the little canisters. It was the kids' first trip to a cemetery. They weren't too creeped out by it. 
Slightly creeped out, but too interested in posing to let it bother her.

Not creeped out at all.

Here are the two sites with the flowers put in. (The canisters were super gross, by the way. They were filled with water and mud which was difficult to get out.)

Great-Grandma and Grandpa Edwards

Grandpa Holmberg and the reserved site for Grandma Holmberg.

It was really hot in Las Vegas, so we didn't do too much. We did make it to an aquarium though. Our kids love fish and we figured it would be a sure bet.

Wrong... she was like this the entire time. Henry was fine.

None of the fish pictures turned out. I think they made the place dim and the glass was slightly tinted so that people wouldn't be able to get good pictures.

This was a hotel on the way back from the aquarium. I was amused by the name of the place: Vdara.
Look, Dara, you have a hotel named after you!

Bathtime before the wedding.
The towels were the perfect size for his little waist.

And... there goes the towel.

Henry and his sister had the best time staying in a hotel. They got to have popcorn and the TV was on almost all day.

The wedding was in one of the rooms of the only Garduno's outside of New Mexico. 

After the wedding, there was a reception in one of the other rooms. We were outside on the patio and nearly blew away. The kids got to whack a pinata and dance to Mexican polka.

Good times!

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