Friday, September 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Point Farm

The kids were excited to go to Thanksgiving Point and see the farm animals.

The baby animals were really cute!

A worker came around and gave the animals hay. Some of the hay dropped on the ground and the kids picked it up to give to the animals.

The pony rides were a favorite! 

Audrey, pleased as Punch!




Lily.. not too sure about it all.


We took a hay ride (without the hay). The kids loved it!

On our way around, we saw this really cool old firetruck!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait until we can do the pumpkin patch and corn maze! :D

Trillium said...

Eva with her hot pink purse looks like she is going to town on her trusty steed. Eva -- four going on 24?

Rebecca said...

i think kids and farms are an awesome combination! They delight in the very simple pleasures of life. They also have a healthy respect for God's other creatures! Cute pictures.

The other awesome thing: when your children are grown they will remember the adventures you took them on and they will do the same with their children!


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