Monday, September 19, 2011

Homemade Bracelet Holder

A love of jewelry is a new-found part of my life. Over a year ago, I completed this project idea courtesy of my friend Jenn. It organized my tangled pile of earrings quite well.

I've recently been aquiring a collection of necklaces and bracelets. The necklaces are currently hanging off of every convienent hook, pushpin or picture frame. (I'll be figuring out the perfect way to corral those soon enough.)

My growing pile of bracelets was a much more urgent problem. I had no place to put them but in my mess of a drawer and that was not working out for me at all! I decided to make a bracelet holder myself and have those pretty little things right where I could see them.

I found a small wooden plaque and a 3/4" dowel at Hobby Lobby. After my sweet hubby drilled a hole in the center of the plaque, I spray painted it and the dowel white. A little wood glue and voila!
Bracelet Holder!
I put a piece of felt on the bottom to prevent scratching any surfaces and it was ready to go.

Here it is, being put to use already. It's probably a bit tall for the current number of bracelets I own, but, as I said, it is a growing collection.

Happy Crafting!


Anonymous said...

I love that! What a good idea!

Rebecca said...

that is a very good idea! Aislyn is using the earring screen you sent over at Christmas time.


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